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On-Site Interpretation | International Translation Services


Applications of On-site Interpretation

On-site interpreters are used in a range of capacities, such as:

  • Business meetings, retreats or travel
  • Shareholder meetings
  • Medical office visits and/or emergencies
  • Legal consultations, depositions and court appearances
  • Social services
  • Personal communications

    How to Schedule

    International Translation Services, Inc can provide on-site interpreters, scheduled in advance or on-demand. Appointments are scheduled in a way that makes sense for you:

    What You Need

    Schedule an Interpreter Now and answer some easy questions such as:

    • Appointment Information Enter the date, time, username and password. If you provide a Consumer Reference #, the consumer’s information will be recalled if you have scheduled with them before.
    • Consumer Information Enter the consumer’s name, language and contact information. If you’ve entered this for a previous appointment, it will be provided and you will be given an opportunity to update the information.
    • Location Enter the address and department of the appointment location. If you’ve scheduled an appointment at this location before, simply select it from a list.

    You may also indicate any special needs, such as knowledge of a specific industry, attire, gender of the interpreter (if necessary), etc.

    Partner With ITS

    with ITS translating services and you can expect the best experience with no hassle.

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